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Welcome to East St Kilda Eye Clinic in Elwood

The East St Kilda Eye Clinic was established by Dr Leber in 1988. It has developed into a busy centre of excellence in eye care. It is a well respected clinic in the local community, including Armadale, Malvern, Brighton, and Albert Park, as well as attracting patients from afar.

The clinic offers a broad range of services for maintaining eye health as well as ophthalmic medical, surgical and laser treatments.The East St Kilda Eye Clinic is known for the professionalism of its staff and welcoming friendly atmosphere.


A medication previously used to lower blood cholesterol levels has been found to reduce progression of retinopathy (small vessel disease of the retina) and the need for laser treatment.

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Techniques for removing the cloudy lens, cataract, from an eye have progressed with the advent of femtosecond laser.

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It is now possible to save the vision of eyes with macular degeneration (wet type) as well as macular swelling (oedema) due to retina vein occlusions and diabetes using eye injections. 

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