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Cataract Surgery

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Cataract Surgery Melbourne

If you require cataract surgery, then East St Kilda Eye Clinic is the perfect place to go in Melbourne. Our doctors have years of eye care experience and will ensure that you always receive a high standard of treatment and aftercare. 

If you come to the clinic for regular check-ups, then cataract problems can be spotted more quickly and measures can be taken to deal with them. However, if surgery is needed, then we’ll also take care of this for you.
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Why you might need cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is required if you develop cataracts in your eyes which blur your vision and deteriorate it to such an extent that your quality of life is affected. 

Every eye has a clear lens through which light passes to form an image on the back of the eye. The lens is suspended in a membrane or capsule, which holds it behind the iris and in front of the jelly-like vitreous.

When the lens becomes cloudy, this is called a cataract, and it can initially be corrected to an extent by wearing glasses. However, cataracts cause the light coming into the eye to break up and scatter, blurring sight, and it can ultimately affect your safety and quality of life.

Once a cataract is removed, it will never return, so surgery will correct the vision problems it creates and restore your sight to what it was before.

One of the most commonly performed surgeries in Australia, cataract surgery has a high success rate. It is not suitable, however, for treating other eye problems, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or retinal detachment.

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